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MHTML Converter 1.1
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File Size: 191 Kb

MHTML Converter 1.1

Publisher:Daniel Pedigo
Platform:Vista, Windows
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

MHTML Converter - A very easy to use program designed to convert mht or mhtml files into regular html files. All embedded images and css content will be extracted from the document. The MHTML Converter fully supports converting multiple files at once.

List of Changes:

Version 1.1 from 2008-03-24


Download Now
File Size: 191 Kb

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Latest User Reviews:

Dildesar 2011-08-25 09:15:49 #
Version: 1.1

Few days bac I downloaded and used it as firefox add-on to pen an 1999 an Indian Doc. It worked nicely. I had no problem.Thanks.

Collegeprospectsvideo 2011-08-25 07:29:12 #
Version: 1.1


Excellent software for converting multiple files with a wide array of options; easy to use, and very efficient.

Pardeefw 2011-06-18 13:43:26 #
Version: 1.1

I probably downloaded this product yesterday to try to convert a video in MHTML format to another format to save on a DVD. I downloaded other converters also, with no success with your converter or others. I uninstalled all of them when they didn't meet my needs. I don't understand the problem ... I saved a video from a web site and it's in MHTML or MHT format and the resulting DVD won't play on DVD players.

Julia Yarwood 2011-04-23 01:20:47 #
Version: 1.1


I tried to opren a file and pint but it would not let me

Frankhale3 2011-02-22 23:10:37 #
Version: 1.1

Just trying to convert a mhtml file to a WAV+G OR
MPEG, any way it didn't down load

Myrvtrails 2010-06-21 18:40:36 #
Version: 1.1

it didnt work... it converted mht to a file FOLDER! why?

Gordonlethem 2010-04-18 11:41:47 #
Version: 1.1

Downloaded successfully, and worked OK, but gave no better results than the Firefox extension that opened an MHT file directly. For my purpose this time, therefore, not necessary. But thanks for the trial.

Edwin Helsloot 2010-03-01 15:22:06 #
Version: 1.1

works quick and easy, i ripped all the images from my girlfriends blog (2800+) in a few minutes! That would have taken me days if i had to save them 1 by 1.

Robert Chown 2009-07-29 08:52:15 #
Version: 1.1


Imfeyn 2009-07-04 18:18:08 #
Version: 1.1

The download never completed. I tried twice. What should have been very easy was very difficult or impossible. I'm completely dissatisfied. You asked for a comment. There it is.

Michael Renner 2009-07-03 09:26:04 #
Version: 1.1

does not run on Mac with a handful of complaints…

Wayanpunia 2009-05-29 01:52:25 #
Version: 1.1

Dear Sirs,

Thank you very much because you have provided the program. I am very eager to know and learn the program but I could not open it in a compressed file (Winrar).

Hopefully, I could open it later.
Again, thanks a lot.


Rossanac 2009-05-14 23:59:09 #
Version: 1.1

The product is valuable.


Liz 2009-05-09 06:40:12 #
Version: 1.1

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Excellent product, used by a total novice with complete success. Thank you so very much.

Wampler1228 2009-05-07 18:34:44 #
Version: 1.1

I'm not sure it is exactly working as it should. When I was downloading, it ask where is should be stored. Does it make a difference where I store it....or where do you recommend?

Mhtml 2009-03-12 19:44:34 #
Version: 1.1

ERROR -- No Detail as to What the Problem Was

This seemed like a promising utility, but after eventually succeeding in downloading it, I ran it against the .mht I wanted to extract and I got a status of ERROR. No further explanation was available.

Philip 2009-03-05 10:04:20 #
Version: 1.1

Compatibility with Dreamweaver v8.0

The .mht files convert without any problem but attemptting to open/edit in DW8 cause the application to hang.

Atwood 2009-02-27 08:35:11 #
Version: 1.1

Worked, with one problem.

I used it to convert a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file saved as a single mht web document. I received an error when I tried to copy/paste the resulting source file into a wiki. The error was regarding null characters in the file, which turned out to be at the end (after ). Using select and highlighting the specific text rather than Select All allowed copy/paste to work.

David.clewlow 2009-02-24 17:39:52 #
Version: 1.1

Nice and Simple

Your MHTML program was just what I wanted and simplicity itself. Perhaps you could help with a roblem.

I use a Bible software called theophilos which can read htm files by changing the .htm to .tml. I have a lot of files in MHTML format and used your program to extract the basic text file, but the ending is -org, and this cannot be read by the bible software even when I change it to .tml

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks again

David Clewlow

vaguido 2009-02-13 10:51:37 #
Version: 1.1

comment about MTML converter

MHTML converter is marching very well.

Vitaly.ostanin 2009-02-11 07:36:27 #
Version: 1.1

Good work

Hi. Great program, thanks. But it doesn't work with list of mht files as command line argument.

Dieter 2009-02-11 05:06:46 #
Version: 1.1

works fine and is very fast

I also tried other tools to convert mht to html but MHTML Converter did the best job.

Stan.kulsa 2008-09-03 17:14:03 #
Version: 1.1

program operation

My wife started getting e-mail pictures from some of her friends in MHTML format and isn't able to open and view any of them. I had hoped that the converter would somehow run in the background and automatically open these files for her (she's not the biggest 'techie' in town). Naturally, I was disappointed to see that I not only had to manually open the converter, but also insert the name of the file I wanted to convert. So it is not really what I need at this time.

Paul_ruddock 2008-08-26 04:25:37 #
Version: 1.1

Life saver

I used this to move a website from one domain to another. I didn't have the source code for the site, only the MHT files. This software is awesome! It recreated the HTML files, images, CSS - everything. Totally brilliant!

Lleffler1 2008-07-31 16:21:42 #
Version: 1.1

This is so great!

I converted an MHT to HTM in an instant and saved valuable time!

Joerg.bolda 2008-07-12 15:34:12 #
Version: 1.1

My review or comments for MHTML Converter

It was very difficult to find a tool, which converts *.mht files to html. Google is NOT your friend. My Problem was: I saved some websites in the *.mht-format and wanted to extract the pictures. This is only possible, if you load the website with your browser, rightclick on every picture and save it as *.bmp-file. You have also type in a name for each picture. The mhtml-converter extracts the pictures as they were (in *.jpg-format). My wish for the future: MHTML-Converter saves the files in the same directory as the sources are. I want to save them in a different directory. Greetings Joe Bolda

Modom 2008-05-19 22:17:59 #
Version: 1.1

may have worked

I was not able to convert the file. However, I tried with other products as well, so it may have been corrupt.

Download Now
File Size: 191 Kb